Unbothered / “still I rise”

I didn’t start out in a boat, or somewhere in your fields. I started before the pyramids. 

I know that the system was never broken but always built this way. But tell yourself that this is the land of the free for everyone. 

I create music from cries, poetry from silence, and beauty from pain because my capacity to see more deeply was a survival gift passed down from a time before any of this small world even existed. 

I am unbothered by what is designed to break me because you can’t break what you can’t even see. 

Tell yourself that I am militant, aggressive, dangerous, loud, racist, stupid. I “make everything about race” because it’s easier to accept this than the reality of what I represent. 

Tell yourself that my children being gunned down in your streets is just law and order and it wouldn’t be happening if those thugs just followed the law. 

Tell yourself that slavery is over and you’re not responsible for the sins of your forefathers, while the very existence of my own forefathers is a sin for which I continue to pay. 

“But still, like air, I’ll rise.”

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