This is for you.

Dear Dreamer,

If you lie awake at night lamenting the hours and days you’re giving away for the sake of survival while your dream slips slowly away and you forget with each day the person you once used to be, this is for you.

If you are a young professional with a side hustle while you figure out your next move, wondering how much longer you’ve got before you have to drop the “young” and settle into your side hustle full time, admitting that you might be one of those people who “never went for it,” this is for you.

If you’re paying back student loans on a degree that doesn’t seem to have ever helped you out the way you hoped, and regretting your decision to pursue something you loved instead of something that promised a better return on your investment, this is for you.

If you are too afraid to strike out, to go “confidently in the direction of your dreams” like you promised you’d do on graduation day, this is for you.

This is for you because it’s for me too. And although it’s really not much, here is what I have learned so far, in nearly 10 years of being right here in this place.

  • We build in increments, in tiny crawls that feel like very little or nothing at all.
  • Don’t discount the work you’ve done because it doesn’t’ show up as clearly as you’d like. Every day you keep the dream alive, you’re building on it.
  • Yes, time is a limited resource, but so is life. Don’t rush through it.
  • Embrace your daily life, the boring stuff, the mundane things you have to get through before you get to “the good stuff.” One day you’ll realize that the boring days were definitely the good stuff.
  • Find the time to do one little thing every day that makes you feel closer to yourself. Closer to the thing that you said you’d do once upon a time, when dreams were what we had in abundance.
  • Whenever possible, ignore the internet. I used to think that the internet was a place full of ideas, perfect for creativity and new ways of seeing the world. Instead, all it ever gave me were repetitive, regurgitated ideas that seem to be mostly focused on the “me now” than the “we always.”
  • Try to be thankful, even for the job you don’t like. Out of gratitude grows abundance.
  • The time you spend feeling bitter and angry over what you don’t have is time you are stealing from yourself.

Most importantly, remember that this is, in fact, it. It will change if you change it, and it might even change against your will, but this is it. It’s already here. Don’t forget to really see it and be in it before it’s too late.



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