This is for you.

Dear Dreamer,   If you lie awake at night lamenting the hours and days you’re giving away for the sake of survival while your dream slips slowly away and you forget with each day the person you once used to be, this is for you.   If you are a young professional with a side... Continue Reading →

The 9 Foreigners You’ll Meet in Bangkok

If, like me, one day you looked around your home country and thought "no, thanks!" and ran for the...airport to hop on a flight to Thailand, then chances are you've met one of these people. At the very least, I'm sure you've met #4 while searching for answers or recommendations on the Bangkok Expats Facebook page. There's also... Continue Reading →

In Moonlight, Black Boys Look Blue

I'm not surprised AT ALL that Moonlight has taken the Oscars for Best Picture, and probably would have rioted in the streets had it not. But that's not why I'm writing this. I'm writing this because after I saw Moonlight by myself one night, I went home and googled it, desperate to find the screenplay... Continue Reading →

The Return of Saturn

I don't believe in astrology. Not because of any particular reason, I'm just not blessed with the ability to truly "believe" in things that are supposed to explain life to me. I think life is best understood by being lived.  Sometime last year, I sat with a friend and several glasses of wine and shared... Continue Reading →

Unbothered / “still I rise”

I didn't start out in a boat, or somewhere in your fields. I started before the pyramids.  I know that the system was never broken but always built this way. But tell yourself that this is the land of the free for everyone.  I create music from cries, poetry from silence, and beauty from pain... Continue Reading →


This is not my first rodeo (is that how the saying goes?), so a declaration of what this site is about seems arbitrary. I think what I inherently hate about blogs is the overeager earnestness that can be hard to escape. After a lifetime of journaling everyday, oversharing on countless social media platforms, and exchanging... Continue Reading →

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