Still Life in Bangkok 

Travel is only glamorous in retrospect.  My friends and I are standing inside Bangkok's crowded Sky Train after a grueling 10-minute walk to get to the station; drenched in sweat and cranky. We're hot, uncomfortable, and exchanging stories of times when we'd been annoyed by Thailand and/or Bangkok. It's too crowded! People don't know how... Continue Reading →

13 Reasons Why the Fuck Not

This is not a numbered list. My own experience with suicide is not something I'd like to discuss here, so I won't. Just suffice it to say that the topic and nature of suicide is something I know more intimately than I would have ever liked. For some of us, suicide is not an interesting storyline, something... Continue Reading →

The Return of Saturn

I don't believe in astrology. Not because of any particular reason, I'm just not blessed with the ability to truly "believe" in things that are supposed to explain life to me. I think life is best understood by being lived.  Sometime last year, I sat with a friend and several glasses of wine and shared... Continue Reading →

Dry Erase: The Expat Life

A lifetime has passed since the last time I was here. Back then, the first time I sat down to contemplate my new future as an expat, a stranger in a strange land, it was all very glamorous. It was, of course, based on nothing real but my own fantasies of what I imagined expats must have been... Continue Reading →

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