This is: Bangkok

It's the place I have called home for nearly three years. It's still home to some of my closest friends and a stronger version of me. It's where I finally grew up. It is strong smells, loud noises, broken sidewalks, crowded trains, cockroaches big enough to carry you away, rats that will challenge you to... Continue Reading →

Still Life in Bangkok 

Travel is only glamorous in retrospect.  My friends and I are standing inside Bangkok's crowded Sky Train after a grueling 10-minute walk to get to the station; drenched in sweat and cranky. We're hot, uncomfortable, and exchanging stories of times when we'd been annoyed by Thailand and/or Bangkok. It's too crowded! People don't know how... Continue Reading →

The 9 Foreigners You’ll Meet in Bangkok

If, like me, one day you looked around your home country and thought "no, thanks!" and ran for the...airport to hop on a flight to Thailand, then chances are you've met one of these people. At the very least, I'm sure you've met #4 while searching for answers or recommendations on the Bangkok Expats Facebook page. There's also... Continue Reading →

This is: Georgetown 

It's slow and quiet mornings, a generous sunrise in unassuming places while the smell of the world's breakfasts fills the streets.  It's diversity of language, food, religion, and culture all living harmoniously with each other, with so much religion on every corner without the usual threat of fear or competition.  It is multicolored shop houses... Continue Reading →

This is: Hoi An

It's the only part of Vietnam I've ever seen, which is something I hope to change soon.  It's slow bike rides, colorful lanterns,  beautiful old houses with yellow walls, a lazy river that encourages a certain slowness in ones movement.  It's quiet and curious, friendly, graceful, ancient and modern all at once. It's a beautiful... Continue Reading →

This is: Paris

It is long walks to nowhere and everywhere, losing your way halfway through, finding something you never imagined you'd see by the end, losing sight of your limitations when you come face to face with the same streets where your heroes once walked.  It is losing touch with your past and finding what you lost... Continue Reading →

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