Who is Lidi?

She is a person who comes from two worlds, and lives in many places. After years of trying to fit into the world around her, she decided that it is the world that needs to fit her, and some would say she has been happier ever since. Of course, not totally happy – that would not be good for her art. This blog has no point; it’s just a place for her to share some of her “ideas,” which usually more closely resemble rants.

Sometimes, she writes about traveling to a new place. Other times, she writes useless crap about what she saw on Netflix (do people even have tv anymore?). In the rare occasssions when she’s able to produce cogent thought, she might write about a book that stuck with her. Sometimes – even though she doesn’t necessarily want to – she writes something honest about her own wounds, which may appear to have healed but are in fact still producing fresh blood every once in a while, just beneath the surface.

Almost all of the time, she is more dramatic than absolutely necessary.

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