May you all live long lives: the simple beauty of Travelers 

The premise of Travelers is a little bit ridiculous: it is the 21st century, and there are secret operatives from the future called “travelers” who travel back in time to this century to save the planet from future destruction.

The travelers return to the 21st by inhabiting the bodies of people seconds before death. So, yeah, ridiculous. But the beauty of Travelers is in the very subtle hints it sends about who we might be in the future. “We” being the collective “we,” the humans. The main characters who have traveled back to our time are shown (although never explicitly defined to be) much better versions of humans than we are. At least by my judgment, after watching the whole season in one weekend. 
The men are feminists, or simply see women as fully equal beings. Sexuality and sexual orientation is a non-existent concern, as none of the characters fixate on defining their identities based on sexual preference or gender. They can separate love from attraction, being able to identify a person for not what they look like but who they are.

They’re vegan, and find it absurd that people in this lifetime drink cows milk and eat animal flesh. They’re in awe of nature, probably because they come from a time when natural beauty is either rare or nonexistent. They do not respond violently to threat, and tell the truth out of principle, and they adhere to rules. That last point is usually their downfall, but they’re such an amazingly refreshing group of people that I binged on the whole season in one weekend. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

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