This is: Hoi An

It's the only part of Vietnam I've ever seen, which is something I hope to change soon.  It's slow bike rides, colorful lanterns,  beautiful old houses with yellow walls, a lazy river that encourages a certain slowness in ones movement.  It's quiet and curious, friendly, graceful, ancient and modern all at once. It's a beautiful... Continue Reading →

In Moonlight, Black Boys Look Blue

I'm not surprised AT ALL that Moonlight has taken the Oscars for Best Picture, and probably would have rioted in the streets had it not. But that's not why I'm writing this. I'm writing this because after I saw Moonlight by myself one night, I went home and googled it, desperate to find the screenplay... Continue Reading →

The Return of Saturn

I don't believe in astrology. Not because of any particular reason, I'm just not blessed with the ability to truly "believe" in things that are supposed to explain life to me. I think life is best understood by being lived.  Sometime last year, I sat with a friend and several glasses of wine and shared... Continue Reading →

This is: Paris

It is long walks to nowhere and everywhere, losing your way halfway through, finding something you never imagined you'd see by the end, losing sight of your limitations when you come face to face with the same streets where your heroes once walked.  It is losing touch with your past and finding what you lost... Continue Reading →

Unbothered / “still I rise”

I didn't start out in a boat, or somewhere in your fields. I started before the pyramids.  I know that the system was never broken but always built this way. But tell yourself that this is the land of the free for everyone.  I create music from cries, poetry from silence, and beauty from pain... Continue Reading →

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